Slinging Pints, Bombing Hills & Making Art

Few people have an arm as rubber as Gretel’s. Taking the whole ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality to a new level – she’s nothing short of a weapon both on and off shift. This cocktail-shaking maestro of World Bar, slings pints as if it’s nobody’s business.
Gretz joined our crew at the start of the snow season swapping the sun and sand of Bris-Vegas for Sand Flies and icy lake plunges.
She’s a hard lady to get a hold of, if she’s not working, she’ll be either tearing her bike up and down the Frankton Trail or clearing space on a dancefloor at god knows what time in the morning – but we managed to catch her for a couple of quick questions about life and living in Queenstown. 


            Q:What’s been your favourite event?

“On shift or off shift? Hahaha”

            Q: Both…

“I mean Snow machine was hectic because I wasn’t working (sorry, not sorry,
everyone on shift). But the best gig I’ve worked is Skin on Skin (DJ). That was
fun. It was out of nowhere and no-one knew who he was, but he played some

Q: Some people find Queenstown a tough place to live, how do manage to make
it work?

“It’s a beautiful place to live. Cheeky hikes all around and a healthy bit
of snowboarding. There’s just a little bit of everything ya know?”

“There’s so much good, I think it outweighs any bad. I mean my Mum is half
begging me to come home, but I just keep thinking – it’s not time to leave yet
so I guess this place is doing something right.”

Q: What’s the plan (if there is one) for the next few years?

“Look, that I don’t know. I want to get more into my drawing, but I want to
do more snow seasons in more places so I’m feeling a bit conflicted. Either
Canada or a Tattoo apprenticeship back in Aus that’s where I could be. It’s
probably smarter to smash out an apprenticeship and then travel but honestly,
my plan changes every day.”

Q: Ok quick, you’ve got 10 minutes left to live – what’s your deathbed

“First thing that came to mind, an Amaretto sour – yea babbbyyy Dissorano!”

Q: We all know the main spots in town, what’s your favourite hidden gem of Queenstown?

“Wilsons Bay has got my heart, its just stunning down there ya know. Clear
ass fucking water, you’re sitting on these beautiful pebbles, the suns beaming
on you, you got the homies and no service, so you are just in the moment, out
here – living it up. So you could say I’m a hoe for Wilsons Bay… unapologetically.”