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Aotearoa Surf Film Festival -Queenstown Winter Edition


We are proud to host The Aotearoa Surf Film Festival winter edition, featuring some of the best cold water surfing from New Zealand and around the world. The last time we hosted the summer Aotearoa Surf Film festival, we sold out quickly. This series is the only surf film festival in Queenstown!

Beyond The Noise (Australia)

Distracted by realities of our own invention, the natural world becomes invisible, technology is our king. As the cracks in our society spread, two surfers seek refuge in the vastness of the ocean, away from the deafening clamour of humankind. Unchained and dangerously close to freedom.

Director/Producer: Andrew Kaineder

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You can get your tickets for Aotearoa surf film festival Queenstown on the the Asff website.