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The World Bar X Yonder Collab


COVID-19 tried to put a real damper on our party, but there was no way we were going to let that blue little virus get the best of us. So we took it as an opportunity to take two cool places and put them into one really cool location. We decided to call this fun experiment The World Bar X Yonder Collaboration…because well, that’s what it is!

The goal was to combine The World Bar and Yonder to become the best of both world under one roof.

Gary Livesey – Owner/Manager

You can expect to see elements of the iconic World Bar, but in a new and interesting environment. The moose hasn’t gone anywhere and he’s still there to meet you when you walk into Yonder.

Despite everything that is going on, we’re still trying to make these “The good old days.” Especially since we spend so much damn time inside, we take every day as a day to celebrate with good friends over beer, food and good times.

Of course there are cocktails in a teapot. We also have the burgers, nachos and tacos that you know and love. So from coffee and brunch until the rowdy late night, we’ve got you covered!

Expect to see World Bar back before you know it.