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AJ Hackett X World Bar Takeover!


Rigging up a bungy inside a bar to ramp patrons up to the second storey… a lot of licensing and legal shit to go through…

Well, not in the 90’s.

Rigged up when World Bar held rein on Shotover St (rip) this collaboration with AJ Hackett is something of legend among locals. We had two events going on that night, the Accelerator and Horizontal Bungy. The Accelerator launched punters from the ground floor to the second level of World Bar (obviously decelerating) before the roof. While the Horizontal had folks fighting against the Bungy attached to the wall, attempting to snag a beer perched on the other side of the room.

Its quite a flex in our books if you were there, but for those who weren’t – feel free to revel in the footage from Wardy’s archives.