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Meet Hattie


When a glass smash’s in World Bar there’s a good chance it’s because of Hattie, if incoordination had a physical from its probably this Gal here. Hattie has been blipping back and forth across the globe for a couple years now and spent the Summer pulling pints at World. Whether she’s chatting shiet behind the bar or embarking a self assigned mission to drink the menu at World, you know you are in for a treat when you spot her pig tails from halfway down Church St. Sure, she’s never been on time in her life to work but we would never hold that against her. 

You’ve been here for a few months now, did you know anyone before coming here? Or just a blind rock up?

I had one friend here and she always told me how much fun it was, that it’s very different to the UK, alot more exciting. Also I wanna try skiing and snowboarding, I’ve never done it before which i’m feeling nervous but excited for. 

How are you finding Queenstown so far then?

It’s nice having that small town vibe but there’s just so much to do – coming from a small town back home it is a completely different place, everyone is so friendly straight away. Also I love going to Arrowtown, it’s just so cute.

Where were you before coming here?

I was in the UK but previously in Aus for a year and a half. I ended up in Aus because a boy in SouthEast Asia offered to pay for my flight – so I wasn’t going to say no, was I?

Wait, did he come to Aus with you?

Yea yea we were together, we met in South East Asia.

How long were you together before moving to Aus together if you met in S.E Asia?

Ahhh… two weeks hahah, we managed to stay together almost 2 years but then Covid happened and I had to head home. Then I realised how much better it is over this side of the globe and came back as soon as I could.

I was having a stalk on Insta before having this chat and you seemed to head to quite a few festivals back home, which one was best?

Ahh Glasto (glastonbury) or Boomtown. I went as a kid to Glasto with my parents and managed to go a couple times as well when I turned 18. 

I love that your parents took you to festivals.

Oh yea, they love it – they go all the time.

What’s been the best act you’ve seen then?

It’s such a tough one, I hate this question hahaha. I’ve seen amazing dj sets at Boomtown, the 2016 closing ceremony was a proper show. Billie Eilish at Gastonbury aswell, I fucking love her.

In a big contrast, what’s the best gig you’ve seen in your time at World (and Yonder)?

The recent George FM gig (at World Bar) was such a fun time, the music and overall vibe was great. Oh, Lenni Vibe (DJ) I love when she plays here.

I am keen for the bigger events in town, such as Snow Machine and Mardi Gras… oh! Worldstock, that was my favourite weekend at World Bar.

That was such a good night.

It was the best event.

Ok last questions, on Sunday night you made quite an effort to drink your way through the entire World bar cocktail list, while you were unsuccessful, what was your favourite?

Haha heck, the Stolen Sour and for a close second – Espresso Martini, but that’s a boring answer. Actually, my true favourite was the bloody mary, but that’s also because I was hungover so all in all the Stolen Sour hahaha.