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Teapots for Good


POV – You wake up, heads fucking pounding, already an hour late for work, 5 missed calls from your boss, as well as a couple texts you regret sending out. You check your bank account, it’s not good, but then you remember – the teapots you were arrogantly shouting are now giving back… what a guy. 

The Attenborough is one of the latest teapot offers at World Bar, with $1 from every sale being donated to the Whakatipu Reforestation Trust (WRT).

The WRT has a pretty simple vision, ‘to protect and restore native biodiversity of the Whakatipu Basin’, essentially these Pine Trees are not doing a lot of good for Whakatipu.

Aotearoa’s native forest footprint has shrunk by over 70% since humans first arrived here, with native birdlife depleting by 30% alongside this – not bloody ideal.

While having a sip on the Attenborough’s green goodness is one way to offer support, you can also get involved yourself, with various community planting and nursery days you can volunteer at.

Last Spring a couple of the crew from World and Yonder headed down for a staff community service day. Over 60,000 (!) trees have been planted through the Trust with another 5,000 needing to go in the ground this season.

If you are keen to help out we’ve linked the WRT below, all their community support days are on the website along with some more info.