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World Bar “Bad Luck” Drawing Contest


Design Contest Extended! Win flights to Queenstown or $200 Cash & VIP Party Pack! We're throwing our re-opening on the most unlucky day of the most unlucky year.... Friday the Nov.13th, 2020. We're looking for designs for our limited run "bad luck" party T-shirts. Email us with your bad luck…

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The World Bar X Yonder Collab


COVID-19 tried to put a real damper on our party, but there was no way we were going to let that blue little virus get the best of us. So we took it as an opportunity to take two cool places and put them into one really cool location. We…

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WORLDSTOCK 2020 – March 21 & 22nd


"Ass, grass or gas- Nobody rides for free," the 1970's hitchhiking bumper sticker has a lot in common with Worldstock. You will probably see all three over the weekend. For it's 9th year, Worldstock 2020 is going to be bigger than ever with 290sqm of real turf grass laid at…

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Queenstown Lunch Menu for The World Bar


Lunch Specials 11:30am-3pm Full menu also available all day. The Good Old BLT 9 Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Add fries for 2.5 Pulled Pork Taco & Fries 10 One 12-hour slow-roasted, cider-reduced pork taco with carraway slaw, shaved apple, spring onion, chipotle mayo and shoestring fries Fish Taco &…

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Nightclub Queenstown- DJ Q LIVE


Nightclub vibes in a small town like Queenstown, with UK star DJ Q. You Probably know him from his legendary set at The Boiler Room or one of his many Youtube video with over 50k views. He's also a staple on BBC's Radio One music scene. The World Bar Queenstown…

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Aotearoa Surf Film Festival -Queenstown Winter Edition


We are proud to host The Aotearoa Surf Film Festival winter edition, featuring some of the best cold water surfing from New Zealand and around the world. The last time we hosted the summer Aotearoa Surf Film festival, we sold out quickly. This series is the only surf film festival…

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CAMO MC feat. Triton Live Drum and Bass


Camo MC is a staple in the New Zealand Drum and Bass MC. He has established himself as a premiere MC and party starter. Not a believer? check this video below, highlighting some of the best D & B flows in the country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS5GlvZqwa0 A who's who of D &…

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This Mountain Life- Queenstown Showing


https://youtu.be/Qiw-c4K05F0 90% of people can't agree on anything, except this movie. Google reviews has it at a 90%, IMDB has it as an 8/10, and it was one of the most talked about films at the Banff Film Festival. Come catch the movie premiere for This Mountain Life at The…

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Our friends at Refurb Skate are heading to Palestine to continue their quest to spread skateboarding across the globe. Come donate to a good cause, party, support local art and watch skate movies. Custom hand painted skateboards will be on raffle with 100% of proceeds going to help facilitate the…

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Surfing, Partying and Probably some Tequilla



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Best 2019 NYE in Queenstown


Queenstown's best party for New Years Eve is at The World Bar! His last performance at Yonder Live Queenstown was at capacity and absolutely mental. Catch part of his performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGmFVlrjRmU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpQgxcwQh3M Stairway to Dub

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Live music from 4pm


It's Sunday and our beer garden is the perfect hangout spot, and to top it off we've got Danny Live outside from 4pm!

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